Railroad Engineering and Education Symposium 2016

 News forum
 Technical Difficulties

Due to myriad technical difficulties throughout the conference, some of the presentations on the agenda are either incomplete or missing entirely.

Section 1
 Conrad Rupper, UIUC - Track Structure Design Tutorial

Begins at 00:03:51

Ends at 01:14:59

 Tyler Dick, UIUC - Introduction to Motive Power

Begins at 00:08:19

Ends at 01:14:59

Section 2
 Pasi Lautala & Tyler Dick - Track Geometry Tutorial

Begins at 00:09:52

Ends at 00:53:00

Section 3
 Interactive Classroom Activities Continued

Begins at 00:04:13

Ends at 00:12:08

 Pasi Lautala - Online Learning

Pasi Lautala speaks about providing online learning.

Begins at 0:00:00

Ends at 1:14:38

 Chris Barkan, UIUC - Signal and Communication Tutorial
 Chris Barkan, UIUC - Signal and Communication Tutorial Continued

Begins 00:04:13

Ends at 00:14:34

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