Midwest Rail Conference 2017

 MRC2017 Final Program
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Morning Plenary - Changes Facing the Rail Industry: Threats or Opportunities
 Kirk Steudle - Future Mobility
 Deb Miller - Regulatory Reforms - Threat or Opportunity
 Tim Strafford - Changes in Rail Industry
Breakout Session #1A - Shipper Concerns
 Gary Thompson - Community Shipper Issues
 Carl Howard - Rail, Warehousing, & Distribution
Breakout Session #1B - High(er) Speed Rail
 Beth McCluskey
 Chen-Yu Lin - Adjacent Track Accident Risk Analysis
 Bruce Nelson - Partnerships in Passenger Rail Stations - Planning, Design, & Construction
Breakout Session #1C - Property Risk Management
 Bob VanderClute - Tresspass Prevention Through Education
 Chris Barkan - Risk Mitigation and Technologies for Rail Applications
 Colin Brooks - Drone Use Issues and Advantages
Breakout Session #2A - Future of Freight
 Brian Buchanan - Satellite Intermodal Ramps
 Ryan Fischer - Industrial Developments: A Shortline Perspective
 Tyler Dick - NURail - Schedule Flexibility and Performance
Breakout Session #2B - Urban Rail
 Paul Childs - A National Model for Public Private Partnership in Transit
 Kevin Keller - Developments in North American Passenger Rail and Transit Planning
 Barry Murray - Building a Multi-Modal Transportation Future
Breakout Session #2C - Grade Crossing Issues
 John Sharkey - Intersections near RR Grade Crossings
 Larry Bowron - The Battle Creek Quiet Zone
 Reg Souleyrette - Grade Crossing Research at NURail Universities
Breakout Session 3A - Short Line Panel
 Sean Pengelly - Economics and Planning of Short Haul/Short Line Intermodal Rail Service
 Stefan Loeb - Short Line Panel
Breakout Session #3B - Inter-City Services
 Mike Franke - Amtrak 2017 Update
 Martin Bloedt - New Passenger Locomotives for the North American Market
 Anna Lynn Smith & Peter Schwartz - FRA's Midwest Regional Rail Planning Study
Breakout Session #3C - Creating a Resilient Railroad
 Joe Smak - Creating and Maintaining a Resilient Railway
 Amanda Martin - Iowa Statewide Travel Analysis Model (iTRAM) - Rail Component
 Riley Edwards - NURail Research on Resilient Railway Infrastructure
Section 12
 4. Darkhan Mussanov 8 14 17 3 minute thesis
 1. Aaron Dean MRC Thesis Competition
 2. Raphael Isaac 3 minute Contest updated
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