Michigan Rail Conference 2016

 News forum
Plenary Session - Future of Rail in Michigan
 "State Perspective" - Tim Hoeffner
 "Freight Rail Perspective" - Kieth Borman
 "Passenger Perspective" - Ray Lang
Plenary Session - Preserving, Maintaining, and Enhancing Michigan Rail Assets
 "Financing Rail Infrastructure Improvements" - Libby Ogard
 "Michigan Infrstructure Commission/Supply Chain Commission" - Pasi Lautala
 "FAST Act Impacts" - Lesllie Blakey
 "New Crossing Surface Program" - Kris Foondle
Keynote Speaker - Tom Balini
 "Last 30 Years of U.P. (Economic) Development" - Tom Baldini
Breakout Session #1A - UP Rail Operators
 Brian Buchanan
 Tom Klimek
 Clint Jones
Breakout Session #1B - Passenger Operations In an Era of Lean Public Investment
 "Amtrak aThruway in the UP: Private Operators Providing Public Service" - Chad Cushman
 "GLCR Restoring Passenger Service in Northern Lower Michigan" - Chris Bagwell
 "Michigan Passenger Rail Overview" - Larry Krieg
 "Northern Lights Express" - Frank Loetterle
Breakout Session #2A - UP Shippers
 Jake Hayrynen
 Joe Petrocik
 Scott Robins
Breakout Session #2B - Economic Development
 "New Developments in Rail/Trail/Rail" - Gabe Meyer
 "Rolling Stock Rehab/Modification" - Mike Logan
 "Rail Development in Rural MI/WI" -Wendy Gehlhoff
 "Class I Railroad Perspective" - Jodi Heath
Breakout Session #3A - UP Tech Companies Supporting the Rail Industry
 Justin LaCross
 Steve Mattson
 Phil LaTendresse
 Glenn Barna
Breakout Session #3B - Shortline Operations
 "ASLRRA Perspective" - Keith Borman
 "State of Wisconsin Experience" - Richard Kedzior
 "Michigan Railroads Association" - John Rickoff
 "Shortline Holding Company" - Shasta Duffey
Closing Session
 Mr. Frank Patton's Keynote Speech
 Closing Session
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