High Speed Rail Workforce Symposium

HSR Symposium

HSR Workforce Symposium

A (High Speed) Rail Workforce Development Symposium, was held in conjunction with the AREMA 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago, IL. The symposium was also simulcast via the web and had 10 presenters in various topics. The goal of the symposium was to improve understanding of the needs for the HSR workforce and related education and training.

The symposium introduced the HSRLS project to participants and had two main topics. The first topic had presentations on high speed rail workforce development needs in the U.S. and abroad. The second topic included presentations related to the use of online technologies in collaborative education and training.

The course available in the portal includes video recordings and presentations by symposium speakers. It also provides supplementary materials on selected topics.

Time to Complete: ~3.5 Hours

Category: Workforce Development
Start Date:  Tuesday, 09 October 2012
Topics: 2
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